Some layouts

Lately its been quiet a lot around me and i haven´t got the time or the motivation to be creative

I ve been struggling with 3 years of bookkeeping and at the same time getting my own stamps together

Children has been sick and as usual when kids getting better it´s moms turn to be sick 🙂

For a week now i having this really bad cold and as usual it is my already broken ears that getting worse

Yesterday i finally visit the doctor cause my ears started too really hurt and i couldnt hardly hear anything else but my own little tinnitus orchestra inside my head.

Well as it turned out i found out that i got fluid behind the eardrums

So i got the answer why i have been so dizzy and ”stuffed in the ears” the last week

I hope it will go away soon and without leaving me with more tinnitus

Enough about that

I was going to show u the last pages that i´ve done

And here they are

No masterpieces, i really really miss my digital machines

I feel so limited without them, one day i might can afford to buy myself a new Gazelle

I hope so


Funny Biki´n


Thats all folks

Whole lotta Love


2 thoughts on “Some layouts

  1. Hej gumman va kul att de börjar ploppa upp alster här igen ^^ Dött i min blogg för tillfället… Jag började ju jobba igår och kroppen har inte vant sig än ^^


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