Long time no seen


As u might noticed i havent been updating for some time now.

I have been busy struggling with the IRS (skatteverket)

3 years of bookkeeping 😦

It really kills me

Can´t get the calculations right and i just realize that is nothing i can manage too handle myself

At the same time i have been drawing and drawing trying too get some new lines of rubberstamps together

I got a lot of sketches on my craft table and a few motives are now away for pressing

If i am lucky they´ll be ready this Monday to come

I am very excited

Hope someone will like them

I got a few of them ready too show you now

”Miss You”

This is the first one and the only one that are ready for press.

Got a few more and this collection will be named ”Love Sick”

Trying too make some cute but more grown up motives.

I hope too get the other ones ready asap

Will see how this one is taken by the rubberstampers first

The other is more of the cutie cute kind 😉

I call them ”Whimsical Girls”

Got a few more of them to come


I want too tell you that this uploads are just colored prints from the computor

Couldn´t just wait  til i got the actual stamps in my hands 🙂

If i got the time later i will upload the rest of them

When all of them is finished i will tell u how to purchase them if u are interested

Wish u all a great day!

Please leave a footprint before u leave

Whole Lotta Love



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