Hey hey my my…

This Monday started very early

I got up before the hideous sound of the alarmclock

Got myself a glass of coffee and opened my mailbox

And wiiiiiiie

I had recieved an very happy message

I have been looking forward and hoping for it a copule of weeks

And today my wish come true

I wont tell you just yet what its all about

Maybe later today or tomorrow

But i sure can tell that i am very excited about this

So what have i been up to since last update?

Well not so much

The past week i have been drawing a bit

Working on some new rubberstamps maybe

We´ll se how it turns out

Drawing  not come easy too me, i must re-do and re-do over and over again before i am satisfyed

Wish you all a great week

Thanks for visiting

Whole Lotta Love


3 thoughts on “Hey hey my my…


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