Whole lotta scrapping…

Hello babes!!!

The crafting virus has a strong hold of me right now

I got several projects going on at the same time

Joining to many challenges in different places i think

I got 2 ready for upload

Once again i have too curse at the bad photographing light

First out is an simple card i done for Svensk Scrapbooking forums vintage challenge

I love chabby chic and vintage

I´ve tried too make this card vintage but i am not really sure if i succed

Hope so


Once again i go by the love theme and the ticket used are a free downlowd from Miss Cutiepie

As i told you recently i am about making some documentation of the greatest passion that i got

The Music

So here is the first Layout

Kind of corny maybe but music has a huge piece of my life

Always has so that´s why i did this one

As a celebration too the greatest of them all

For the most gorgeous man ever

Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant

Wish that i´ve could have been there in the late 60´s

This Layout is made after an sketchchallenge, also in the Svensk Scrapbooking forum

Whole lotta Led Zeppelin

Close up of the handsome Mr Plant...

Love Love Love

Led Zeppelin was the greatest

Still are

That´s all for now

Whole Lotta Love


4 thoughts on “Whole lotta scrapping…

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