A few small things too upload

Wow…it´s crazy how much one can manage too do if leaving the computer behind for only one week…

A lot of needed cleaning of the house is just one thing

But i have been scrapping also

A lot

But i can´t show you all just yet because some items i made for certain challenges

The first card is for my daughter Nikki-Lee´s friend that´s turning 9 tomorrow and will celebrate with a discoparty tomorrow night

Nikki had her mind made up what stamp and what colors too use and here it is

As cute as a card for a little princess can be 🙂

The next card it´s a valentine card with my favourtite Bombshell hottie

I like too change my style, sometimes i get a bit fed up with all the pink and girly and when that happens i just bring my Bombshell stamps to the workingtable

Sorry it´s not cropped so nice…

This Lo I made using stamps from Bombshell (the roses)

The photo is on me and my sweetest of friends Jeja

Yepp, i did an another one

She did one using the same picture once but she choosed too keep it in color while i prefer too play a bit in PS

I am really happy with how it turned out

This one didn´t get cropped 100% either…Got a new PS and it´s in English so i have trouble understanding all the adjustments

well well

Heres two more cards

Also with the lovely Bombshell stamps

This was a challenge…I hardly never use the color purple

I had no matching embellishments too make this card maskulin so i draw it myself

The spiderwebs are masks from the fabulous Tim Holtz 😉

I really love those masks

I love everything he creates actually…

This was all 4 now

Thanks for your visit

Feel free leave a comment before you moving along

Whole Lotta Love


2 thoughts on “A few small things too upload

  1. Naaaaw scrappade du också bilden på oss 🙂 Åh va fiiiiiin den blev 🙂 Och dina kort med för den delen 😀 Den högst upp är min favorit… konstigt… den e ju roooosa 😛 Ska nog ta att uppdatera bloggen senare jag med… dock bara gjort ett kort än ^^ Föresten så drömde jag om dig inatt ^^ Vi öppnade en scrapbutik på nätet ihop fast vi bor på två skiljda håll haha… Sååå har du några planerpå de så har jag drömt ihop ett helt koncept 😛 helt sjukt… namn å allt… Scraptrap hette vi 😛


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