Last nights creations…

As i told you yesterday me and my friend Jejja had a scrapdate last night…

Well, as usual i did most the talking and she was the creative one, i only made one layout and one card

I just sat there chattering poor Jejjas ears off and cut papers after papers and just didn´t manage too be satisfied with anything

It´s so typically me

But one layout and one card is better than none

I just went out on the patio for photographing my latest work

The light is no good at all…really dislike this dark times

Longing for the summer

Me and my sister in law, beautiful Jessi ♥

This lo i made in thought too celebrate one of my dearest friends, Jessica

She´s such a lovable person and she is like an younger sister too me

She´s engaged with my younger brother and they have a cute son named Liam

Even though she´s much yonger than me we really hit it off together

She´s so funny and no one can make me laugh like Jessica

She was diagnosed with MS for about a year ago and are struggling with pain and hurtful thoughts

It´s just killing me to see her suffer

So this LO i made for you my sweet sweet girl

I love u!!

Till mammi

This card i made for my mum, her birthday is on Valentinesday

Can´t remember the brand on this rubberstamp but it´s awfully cute & fun too coloring

I used Promarkers, Polychromos and MPC techniqe

Hope u enjoyed

Please leave a message and add your address too your own scrapblog so i can put you in my linklist

Whole Lotta Love



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