Chaos chaos chaos


It´s a huge difference having a hole room just for crafting with shelfs, storage and a large workingtable considered what I have today in my new home.

All my stuff is just thrown away in a total mess in my overfilled closet

I can´t find anything that i am looking for

And i made the big mistake and started too going through all my designerpapers and cardstock today

The great plan in my mind was to sort them out all after brand and put them in my plastic storages

I soon came to a few conclusions

I need a lot more paperstorages

I do not need too buy any more papers for at least a decade

I have papers for all my scrapping friends and theire friends aswell


I am only halfway through and i wonder WHEN will i get the time too really sit down and make any pages????

I need a house with one more room

What shall i do with all this stuff?, how shall i get organized?


Luxuryproblems maybe


All you crafters out there agrees with me on this one

That´s just one thing i am 100% certain of…

One more thing that we have in common is that how much paper, stamps or decorations we ever buy it will never be enough

We think so after coming home with all our goodiebags

And that´s what we are telling our other halfs too

But soon…very soon we find just that little, little thing we absolutley MUST HAVE

Well well well

Tomorrow is a new day

A new day for me and my creative chaos

I might manage to bring some order tomorrow



Hope so

Have a great night

Thanks for reading

Whole Lotta Love


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