So many visitors already during day 1-Great fun

Started up this blog only yesterday and the counter tells me that i already reached 52 unique visitors.


Don´t forget too leave a comment & your link too your own website and tell me if it´s ok that i put out your url in my links

I am now thinking about new projects It´s just that after my moving all my stuff is in such mess and i just can´t find anything

And i have to manage too recieve some confidence too

After over a year not creating anything it feels a bit scrary i must admit

But at the same time there are no rights or wrong in scrapping

Just pure joy

Maybe maybe i will try too sit down and create something today

I know one thing that i must do Send all new photos for developing


Photos from a year back….guess i got a lot too do then

Well, feels good too be back in this ”business” again

I sure need it

Until i got anything new too publish i will upload a few more of my past layouts

Wish u all a crafty day

This Lo is a really early one-Looking through most of them tells me that i often seemed too overuse the chalk 🙂

This one i made after an sketch for a challenge too a scrapshop. I don´t think its so well made but it has a lot of valuable memories in the text so i am happy i done it.

Can´t help loving this one. Foremost because the photo of Nikki-Lee is just so gorgeous. It was just a snapshot without any bigger thoughts behind and it turned out as a lucky one. And even if the Lo feels kinda ”overdone” today i still likes it.

Another layout with Nikki-Lee.

An overdose of buttons-Buttons was hot scrappers stuff for a while 😉

Usually i don´t like too make BoM pages-I am not too keen being in front of the camera This Lo were made for an challenge in a scrapforum and as u can see it´s a pic of me during the golden year of 1987 🙂 That´s all for now

Whole Lotta Love


One thought on “So many visitors already during day 1-Great fun

  1. Du blir ju så bra på kort, men jag håller med det är inte kul att vara framför kameran.
    Jättefin är lo´n och korten likaså.

    Ha en skön helg med mycket pyssel, själv ska jag och skruttan på träff imorgon- har nog många barnvakter haha..


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